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Powered industrial truck accidents cause approximately 100 fatalities and 36,340 serious injuries in general industry and construction annually.

It is estimated that 20-25% of the accidents are at least in part, caused by inadequate training.

Forklift operator authorization training and certification (re-certification every 2 years). Our certified trainers can provide and help your company comply with the specific training requirements and safe operating procedures that are outlined in the OSHA Powered Industrial Truck regulation

Non-compliance can result in costly OSHA fines; poorly trained operators may result in higher maintenance costs. Not to mention workers compensation claims, costly litigation, lost wages, medical bills product damage just to name a few!

fork lift truck driver discussing checklist with foreman in warehouse

 We can provide training to meet your company’s special needs!

fork lift truck driver discussing checklist with foreman in warehouse

You Can Avoid Becoming a Statistic

If you’ll just take the time to review forklift hazards and how to avoid them. Try to keep them in mind each and every time you prepare to use a forklift. ipping over and losing part of a load are the most common causes of forklift-related injuries. Some factors you need to consider include:

  • The capacity of the forklift – can it handle the size and weight of your load?
  • Any odd characteristics of the load – is it top heavy, cylindrical or awkward?
  • The condition of the forklift – are the forks damaged or is there some other problem that could cause an accident?
  • Where you are and where you are going with the load – are there any obstacles, bumps, ramps, people, cross aisles or narrow passageways to consider?

(source EHSC)

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